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St. Louis, MO

Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love


The Tipsy Goat macarons are handcrafted using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.  Feel good knowing your sweet tooth helps your community.

After years of culinary school and working together in the industry, pastry chefs Emily and Mallory discovered the joy of macarons and had a vision of sharing them with the community.  After endless conversations, much deliberation, and a lot of wine, we decided to follow our dreams.  The Tipsy Goat was born. 

The Tipsy Goat has two goals: to make delicious, beautiful macarons, and to help support local farmers and the community.  We believe to provide the best food, you have to start in the right place.  We use organic, free range eggs from happy chickens, and as much fresh, local produce as possible. 

What is a macaron, you ask? A French macaron is a melt-in-your mouth, out-of-this-world confection.  Made from egg whites, almond flour, and sugar, these delicate meringue cookies have a thin, slightly crunchy top, and soft, chewy inside,  Sandwich these babies together with ganache, buttercream, or fruit, and you've got a punch of flavor and color. 

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Looking for something to make your event unforgettable?  Tipsy Goat macarons are available in fun, unique flavors, and can be custom colored to fit your event.  Tipsy Goat macarons make a great addition to any dessert table or can be custom packaged for party favors. 

We require a minimum order of 20 macarons per flavor, and orders in increments of 20.

(example: 20 Vanilla Bean, 20 Double Chocolate, 40 Missouri Blackberry) 

We deliver!  Delivery within a 10 mile radius from our location is just $10!  Each additional mile is $1.50.  You are also welcome to pick up your order from us at The Creative Cookery.

Don't see the flavors you want listed? E-mail us!  We would love to work with you to make your macaron dreams come true. 

Please give us at least 7 days notice prior to your event.

All macarons are $2 each, unless otherwise stated. 

Ordering for a large event such as a wedding or corporate function?  Macarons are $1.75 each when your order exceeds 100 macarons.  (prices may vary based on packaging, detail and flavor)

Please e-mail us to place your order. or

 *note: flavors subject to change

Our Suppliers

The Tipsy Goat simply wouldn't be possible without our awesome suppliers.  We owe a special thank you to the following:

Collins Farm

A specialty organic farm raising free-range livestock and fresh produce.  As our sole provider of fresh, organic, free-range eggs, we know Collins Farms takes especially good care of their happy chickens.  On 50 sprawling acres of beautiful farmland nestled just south of St. Louis, Collins Farms is small, family-run, and shares the same values as Tipsy Goat: to feed people good food, you have to start in the right place. That means chickens raised the old-fashioned way, on green grass with fresh air and sunshine, and produce picked fresh and raised in an organic friendly environment.  Be sure to check out their website at:

Montelle Winery

We use local wine from Missouri wine country in our signature Tipsy Goat macarons!  Montelle Winery's Chambourcin, a full-bodied dry red wine, is the perfect addition to our rich chocolate ganache.  Visit them in scenic Augusta, Missouri.  You will not be disappointed.

Rolling Lawns Farm

Every day and every night, for more than 100 years, four generations of the Turley family have milked cows on what came to be known as Rolling Lawns Farm.  Located just 45 miles east of St. Louis, in Greenville, Illinois, the farm was started in 1910 and has continuously produced fresh, high quality milk for folks in the metro St. Louis area.  In 1952, Neal Turley, at age 15, registered Rolling Lawns as the herd's official name.  The name was inspired by the farm's gently rolling pastures, and patchwork of alfalfa, wheat, and corn fields.  The family raises purebred registered Holstein dairy cows (the black and white ones) and can trace each of their animals back for many generations. Today, Neal's wife, Connie, and their son, Michael, continue the family's century-long commitment to quality.  They milk 120 registered Holsteins in the farm's red brick parlor every day, and every night, just as it has been for 100 years.  We use their fresh, delicious heavy cream in our ganaches, caramels, and some buttercreams.

Seed Geeks

We love to use Seed Geeks' local, raw, natural honey, and we really love their focus on living more sustainably, reconnecting with food sources, and helping others to do the same.  Seed Geeks' artisan honey comes from happy, healthy bees, is never heated, and only minimally strained.  Check out their website to view all their products and learn more about this awesome local business.


We love a good beer, and so does Schlafly.  And just like us, Schlafly is dedicated to the St. Louis community.  Established in 1991, Schlafly is Missouri's largest locally owned independent brewery.  You have to check out the awesome free tours offered at their Bottleworks location!


Eckert's Family Farm has been family owned and operated for seven generations, and is our supplier of fresh, homegrown strawberries.


In order for you to fully enjoy your Tipsy Goat macarons, we've answered a few questions for those who have never had these fun and flavorful sandwich cookies.

How should my Tipsy Goat macarons be stored?

Macarons should be stored in an airtight container, and kept refrigerated.  They will keep in a refrigerator for up to one week.  Macarons can also be frozen!  Just make sure to thaw by letting them sit at room temperature before enjoying.  

What is the best way to enjoy a Tipsy Goat macaron?

As stated above, macarons are best stored in the refrigerator, however, they are best eaten at room temperature!  Letting your macarons come to room temp before eating ensures that you will be able to fully enjoy all of our rich and delicious flavors.  If you are having Tipsy Goat macarons at your event it is completely okay to let them sit out for longer periods of time.  

Are Tipsy Goat macarons gluten-free?

Many of our macaron flavors are gluten-free, however some are not.  Our facility is also not a certified gluten-free facility.  All of our macarons also contain nuts, eggs, and dairy.  If you have dietary restrictions or are concerned about any ingredients in our macarons, please do not hesitate to e-mail us with your questions!

Can macarons be pre-ordered on pop-up shop dates?

We make roughly 600 macarons for our pop-up shops, and in most cases we sell out in about two-three hours.  In order to give all of our customers a fair chance of getting the macarons they desire, we do not accept pre-orders for pop-up flavors. We highly encourage everyone to arrive early, and check our social media sites for word of a sell-out day.